Where's The Blame

Written by: Yolaine Armitage

                     "Where's The Blame"...

   I'm sorry for many years, I've done you wrong
We argued so much and I cried many times for you.
But you never came home or sang your favorite song.
I know that I had mistakes and I  feel like a fool.

Night and day, I had to find a way to get you back,
My hurt and pain was intense that I could not be here
I know now that you are gone and that's a true fact.
For many years and countless days, I cried my tears!

If there was one wish for a lifetime with you, once more
A dream of many treasures, wrapped in harmony and love
But chances were at risk and another, who you adored!
Please keep me safe like my guardian angel from above.

I have many regrets and don't know who or where's the blame
And the values of love are honesty, respect, caring, with trust!
It was the longest love that I had with you, or was it just lust?
For I am here, you are there, where's the blame, "oh what a shame"!

Yolaine Armitage 10/ 7/12