Damn the torpedoes

Written by: DON JOHNSON

Damn the torpedoes Damn the torpedoes the Yanks did say, When duds hit a Jap ship and fell away, Firing pins weren’t working well, One sub loosed 13 didn’t break the spell, Just sometimes one was right. Bloody thing would ignite, And the Yanks would bloody yell. Nineteen fourty four, pins good now for sure, Sam Dealy and submarine Harder, Transporting Aussies to Borneo, for, To upset the Japanese pardeners, Muiat Suki, Jap Destroyer, charged the submarine, Head on was sitting Harder, 1100 yards Dealy fired 3 torpedoes, i mean, Chopped the fork out of his enchilada, Next day at 650 yards, Destroyer Hayanani came, 3 torpedoes hit this Destroyer, Too many holes it was a shame, Blew the fork out of his nighty, Just the same, The Reaper danced, begorrah, Z Force men went ashore again , Into the wilds of Borneo, and then, Ole Harder went a hunting men, Of the Japanese type of fauna. Don Johnson Submarine Tinosa (ss283 ) July 24th 1943, attacks Japanese oiler No 3 Tonam Maru west of Truk, Tinosa fires 15 torpedoes 13 hit but only 2 explode. Tonam Maru is towed to Truk by light cruiser Izuzu and used as a floating oil storage tank.