Written by: Richard Eichmiller

When my time comes,
I won't be afraid,
I'll greet death like a long lost friend,
I won't fear it at all,
Life might be short, 
But Death is forever,
We have no say in the matter, 
Bugs a lot of people I imagine,
But when Death comes for me, 
I'll be ready,
No one would miss  me
I never existed,
When my final hour is near,
No one will shed a tear,
Nor will I,
Death, dressed all in black,
Glorious death,
"Take me," is what I'll say
"Don't bother to give me a moment to pray, just haul me to hell" Is what I'd tell him,
He would take my hand, 
I would leave the mortal land,
Death would take me as his own,
Death glorious death, 
Carrying me home.