What do you want from me

Written by: Leslie Nii Tete Annan

What do you want from me? A good name? Like a name that inspires awe? Like a name that inspires loyalty? Like a name that inspires reverence? Or a good name? Of the average Joe? Of a fit-the-box leader? Of the little fence-sitting man? Well, I don’t want it Take it for yourself I don’t want to be dulled? To be liked by all I don’t want to be enslaved to mediocrity To be nobody at all I can properly standout, With a small offence to the average mind With a minor sin that the newly adept appalls With crime committed mostly in private by most But judged harshly when seen in public by some hypocrites, I can properly standout and be greater With that which the majority can’t do Not caring so much the consequences to the ego I might incur when I fail Choosing to do very well what all others do normally, I’ll be remembered by many Because those who are envious of me Will remain obsessed with my courage Talk about me for attention But I will be remembered But a good name? I don’t want it.