The Day I Met Myself

Written by: Eugene Harvey

an introduction
was in order
on the day
that I first
met me

I knew not who
I was because
I had yet to
meet him
you see

for it was clear
that I did not
know who
I was or
to be

I was both blind
to his presence
and unaware
that he even
knew me

although I knew 
he did make me
I had no clue 
who I was
you see

till that moment
out of nowhere
he did begin 
to quietly
call me

it had not begun 
to dawn on me
without him
I could not
see me 

for without faith
I had no hope 
I would ever
meet me 
you see

I needed to first 
believe he is
on the day
I met the
real me

© Eugene Harvey