When Kingdoms collide

Written by: Angel fire

When Kingdoms collide…

Kingdoms collide in epic splendor,
Showering sparks from clashing titans,
A ripple in time interrupted by galaxy’s storm
The past, the present, the future synchronized for one monumental push,
As eastern skies peel back, revealing a great and terrible day,
Lightning flashes through shades of dull grey skies
Like veins bulging from a strong mans arm
The hills reflecting golden streams of light
As sunshine breaks the canopy overhead
Thunder’s distant low rumble, rolling over hills
Like an armed Cavalry on billowing clouds 
Like avalanches roaring down steep, rocky mountainsides.
With the sounding of the trumpet, the horse and rider poised,
The Heavens rejoice at the consummation of the bridegroom
With His bride,
And multitudes on clouds will rise, When Kingdoms collide.