Blackjack Senryu String Part III

Written by: Robert Pettit

Well, I’m back again. I’m here to try out my luck. Be nice to me now. Will you let me win? I feel you are overdue to give me winners. Here is my money. Are those chips of yours lucky? I need some good luck. Shuffle up those cards. Make them all come out my way. All blackjacks for me! Here is my first bet. Just starting out small this time. I feel lucky now. An ace and a king! And that is my first blackjack! Thank you very much! You can’t pay me yet? I see you have a ten up. No insurance please. You don’t have blackjack I will guess you don’t have it. You don’t have an ace. And you have an ace. It’s only a push for me? And I don’t get paid! Let’s try it again. I will double my money. I need a blackjack. A eight and a three That is eleven for me. You have a six up. I will double down. Here is my extra money. Give me something good. You give me a five And that amounts to sixteen. I think you will bust. Do you have a ten underneath that six of yours? I hope you will bust. What? That is an ace! That gives you a seventeen! You beat me again! This is the last time. I’m almost out of money. Make this a good one. I have five and four That is a nine you gave me. Your up card is five. Double down again. I need a winner right now. Give me something big. You give me an ace. I have a soft twenty now. I want you to bust. Your hole card’s a jack. So that gives you a fifteen. Please go over now. And you draw a six! Twenty-one beats my twenty Forget it today!