Down This Twilight Avenue

Written by: Andy Sprouse

I've walked along this old, beaten path, corroded and worn,
surrounded by deepening twilight for ever so long;
I came to the fork in the road and this is what I chose,
this lane of love and longing, the course of chasing that caress.

All I've ever dreamt of is a love's sweet union,
someone with whom to share
the overwhelming experience that is this life;

Trying to find it, I made my choice –
my path layed out before me, my life a vigilant search;
I never imagined I'd regret picking this way,
never envisioned its true difficulties.

I saw not these complications before me,
thought not of what could befall me on this road.
I walked, oblivious, towards what seemed right,
to what the heart wanted to allow.

My heart lit the stars above me,
guiding me along the path of its desire;
in this manner was I led, in this manner did I find
the most joyous thing I ever have known.

My time with the queen of my life
was more precious to me than
an eternity in heaven;
for her my heart still burns.

But when she took her leave of me,
fled from my side, not with a yell,
indeed but a whisper;
something inside was taken.

I began to turn around, from this course
to which I had my being devoted;
but when the first step I tried to take,
I found my heart shackled.

The lingering specter of my temptress
willed me to stay;
I looked at her ephemeral form, so inviting,
and still I struggle to refuse her.

To this day, I strive to take every arduous step
away from what once was;
I strain against the iron knots inside –
just to get that one step farther, back to whence I came.

I continue looking for that one
that I've always sought;
but also fighting to go back,
to find my own happiness alone, for once.

I travel through this land of rain and mist,
seeking my fortune and fate;
searching with just one eye
while peering behind the other into the past.