Written by: Maria Paz Samelo

                                                      My name is Angel the dreamer
                                            I’m still inside my beloved mother
                                  Three months to be exact
                        I’m so happy it’s the fact

              Mommy and Daddy love me
              For the whole world to see
              Because they plan my future
              That’s what I heard not sure

                         I can feel they are glad and excited
                                   To go to the doctor and be consulted
                                             Feels good to know they care
                                                       But surprises to see the doctor’s stare

                                                       With the instruments he hold
                                             I’m afraid and my body feels so cold
                                   Then my mother began to cry
                         I don’t know the reason why

             Suddenly I feel my body is in deep pain
             Ouch!! ahhhhh!! It hurts, what happen?
             Where are you Mommy? I am afraid!
             Please take care of me as what you said

                       Now I will not be born after all
                                 Shattered dreams, bless my soul
                                           Goodbye to all, its time for me to fly 
                                                      Up in the world of nowhere above the sky

For Scribe Marlon Linton's "Unborn Babies Dream" Contest
2nd Place Winner
By: Maria Paz Samelo