Morning Walk - Rewrite

Written by: Caryl Muzzey

I walk a field where flowers yield
sweet pollen to the bees;
their fragrance sweet, I feel complete,
and drop down to my knees.

Humbly, I smell what blossoms tell,
whispering discreetly.
The petals kiss my cheek with bliss,
giving blush quite sweetly.

Bees gather round, and now I've found
I must be on my way;
but, keep the stings and gift me wings...
just like those bees at play.

 Catie Lindsey 9/10/12


Morning Walk

I walk the field where flowers surrender
releasing sweet nectar to hungry bees;
with fragrance so pure my heart does render,
giving way to respectful knees.

Every blossom inflames stale idle air
delivering a scent ever light and rare.
Petals brush my cheeks with delight
as kisses of fresh aroma ignite.

Bees assemble round the colorful bloom
I quickly retreated; gave them some room.
The playful bees can keep their stings
and drink the gift that nature brings.       

Caryl Muzzey 2012

Sixth Place Winner ~ “(Re-write One of My Poems)” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Catie Lindsey
Nov. 5, 2012