The Green Silk Dress

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

The Green Silk Dress
Eons back in time, was a tall maiden fair
A long pair of legs and equally long blond hair.
A green silk dress, she once did espy
The colour would pick the green out in her eyes.

Daily she traveled to the emporium so grand,
She gazed in the window from where she did stand.
The dress was a symbol of all her wants and desires
The size correct, the colour perfection, her gaze did not tire

The bus journey she undertook to see this perfect creation
Desperate to try it on, but the thrill was the anticipation.
It called to her soul, day and night she shed tears
Because the dress she knew may only magnify her fears

The low cut neck, on the silk sleeveless floating gown
Would fit and cling, and make many turn around.
Eyes would follow, people would admire 
The tall blonde girl in green silk, would set many a man on fire.

The day came when she turned up to look,
The sale was made the receipt in the book.
The dress was now gone from the naked manikin 
Hers dreams were gone, though they did not begin…

No silk dress to bring out the colour in her eyes,
No clinging fabric her curves to emphasise.
With the loss of her dress her dream did die too
Returning home sadly, her countenance now blue.

With tears in her eyes, she had turned and left dazed
Never again would she stand there and lovingly gaze.
Life passed her by and her one funny regret
Was never to step though the door, and try in and yet…

It taught her a lesson she was ready to learn...
Regrets are plenty, when for something you yearn 
Sometimes one needs to step through that door
It may be the one thing you have been searching for...

It may have turned out that the dress did not fit,
The colour may not have suited, or it pinched a little bit.
But one thing for sure she will now never  know
Because she did not have the courage-to give it a go…
© 7/10/2012