Beauty of the Seasons

Written by: Daniel McAdams

The seasons come and go
There are four in all the year
Never more never less
So never should you fear

Summer, fall, winter, spring
Their names flow off the tongue
Running a predestined cycle
That will never be undone

As each season comes along
It brings it's own beauty
To replace that of the other
For beauty to always see

As summer comes along
To replace the reign of spring
It brings skies and lakes of blue
And trees of every green

The animals run wild
And birds flit through the air
People spend their days outside
Living life without a care

Next in line comes fall
Which does put on a show
Of brilliant colors for us to see
Wherever we do go

Colors of orange, yellow, red
All places can be seen
Replacing those of the summer
Leaves of every green

Snowflakes soon do fall
And herald winters come
A change of weather, leaves no more
Falls show now is done

The ground will soon be covered
In layers of pure white
Sparkling, glowing in the sun
An awe inspiring sight

A warm air now flows in
To chase away the cold
Spring now has returned
To break the winter's hold

Flowers start to bloom
Hues of purple, red and blue
Birds and plants their lairs return
To lands so fresh and new

A different beauty comes with each
Every season has it's place
But now it's up to us
This beauty to embrace
No matter what the season
Let it bring a smile to your face