Written by: Whitney Warren

Sitting in the darkness, catch a glimpse of light.
Searching for the answers, not sure which ones are right.
Leaving my shadows behind me just like I should.
Finally moving on now, never knew I could.

Been sitting in the back seat, finally in the front.
Heading towards a destination a lot more vibrant.
Surrounded by the noises that soon settle down. 
Strip myself of all the things I no longer want around.

Pushing negative aside, making room for the better.
Didn’t want to lose this moment so I wrote myself a letter.
So focused on the past I forget about the present.
Remembering the darkness, now it’s much more pleasant.

Not sure how I got here, don’t need to find out.
Rising to the challenge I no longer need a hideout .
Be sure of my certainty, these words are not a scam.
I’m not sure who is ready but world here I am.