Tunnel Vision Two-Step

Written by: elizabeth landon-lane

She follows a dream that smiles at her
With movie star teeth;
The faint scent of Aliage
And lilac traces of lavender cologne
Dance across her memories
On toe slippers..

And the black silk gown she wished for
All her life
Never graced her closet;
Hanging on satin arms
To just above the carpet floor
In softly scented secret folds.

She had to settle for some one
Somewhat less
Who looks at her in the Ladies Room mirror...
The latest excursion
After a future in question.

Checking the masque of a chosen control
And facing them all
Through the strobe lights,
Hiding them all through the questions of futures...

Believe her a star because she wills it;
Believe her a lioness because she is.
Do not mistake her for a kitten...;
Your wounds would never heal.

She is a mortal reality unexplained,
And she is following a dream that smiles at her
With Movie Star teeth.

Whatever else you do -
Whatever more you might say...
Do not....
Do NOT get in her way.