Written by: Sumit Majumdar

From tottering infantile footsteps
Gangly adolescence and vibrant youth
Desire to taste forbidden fruits
Hobnob with society discards

Ever beckoned by distant drums
Weird people practising witchcraft
Entranced by strange rituals
Rebelling against established norms

Corrupted by wild flights of fantasy
Urge to attain impossible dreams
Sermonizing on unknown subjects
Engaged in creating hell on earth

Shunning filial ties
Ignorant of the anguish of loved ones
Reviled by all but the ignorant
And pitied by a few

Unwashed, malodorous, skeletal frame
Vacant eyes a fiery red
Registering no events, recognizing none
A pitiable mannequin in a dynamic world

Ever shrouded in a haze of acrid smoke
From endless cannabis trips
Unhinged from his roots
With no conclusion or hope