Lover of my soul

Written by: Delilah Ventura

In a silent  shed, where I come to wash down with my Creator
Can't no beast enter, and judge my immoral actions
For, He shall lay me down in green pastures, beneath oceans of thunder
For, Almighty has not forsaken my soul and left me to bleed
He has furnish my hunger , before the presence of thy enemies
Giving me his daily bread,  beloved of my soul; in silence, I await Him
Patient, is my Sacred Crow, my cup runneth over, mercy on my knees
Anointest my head with oil, as I follow him all the days of  my life
My pride, I shall swallow and dwell in his shelter 
I shall no longer stumble , sin and trespass
Unto thee will I cry and kiss his feet
Belove is the, Almighty King of kings