Wicked Love Modern Sonnet for contest

Written by: Victoria Anderson-Throop

Wicked Love (Modern Sonnet for Contest)

Your step was in the doorway, sunlight dancing in the air
Like a spark within an earthquake,
 I’m a fool without a fear
Who sent you to my arms that day, a curse and smile, a tear	              
Was it written on a page a thousand years and more
 To break apart my true bound heart 	          
 Destroy my world of careful plans without a second glance.    
 Naked in the dirt I fell-- a child without a chance.,	            
Your laughter never falters, never flickers a remorse,	            
Chasing money  f-cking glory, is your selfish course.
A golden life, it trails you, each step -- a new reward	           
And, leaves behind, a trampled life, a frayed and broken cord.
But some old gods smile out at me through green and golden wood	
And life returns with sweetness to reveal a world of good.