Allhallows - Most Dreaded Night

Written by: Caryl Muzzey

Hungry black bats pour from a dim dismal cave
flying about under a lucid full moon;
near old chiseled tombstones of each sealed sod grave 
in search of small tricksters that will be out soon.

Against clear ebony sky silhouettes loom     
on this eerie fall eve of dank darkened doom;  
Allhallows, the scariest- most dreaded night
when toothy vampires emerge and take to flight.

Early graves part open and goblins spill out
roaming vast country side looking for a thrill;
with rusty long chains that they must drag about
on Halloween night, rendering the spine to chill.

Behind leafless lofty foliage vile ghouls lurk
snatching up simple lopers out of the murk;

come venture out on Allhallows if you must
but obtain a live best friend that you can trust… 

Copyright © 2012  By Caryl S. Muzzey

Oct. 6, 2012

First Place Winner ~ "The Ultimate Holloween” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Russell Sivey
Oct. 31, 2012