Catching tears

Written by: Terry Ledwell

It permiates from another state,
Subservant to my will it mates,
So turbulent as it rips and tares,
Observing it within my stare...
It can seperate upon my face,
Till it replicates then leave no trace,
To commemorate the part of me,
Left to demonstrate mortality...
By no stretch of my imagination,
I protect it with such hesitation,
Unsuspected by your revalation,
Undetected I become creation...
A redundant force that nature bares,
That abundant source that waits in lair,
Until its called upon in time of need,
Fusing dusk and dawn once it is freed...
If I see your tears running like the sand,
Then I  re-appear and stretch my hands,
So the only ones that will leave your eyes, 
Can reverse its flow as it finds the sky...