Dark Beauty

Written by: Robert Needles

Hidden beneath the shadows, Feeling her fingers upon his lips, Knowing that she has come for thee, With lips gentle as a rose. The dark beauty that he once knew, Lost with the love he once held, Who once cradled him in her arms, Like a newborn babe. She was the one, Who watched over him, As he grew, Sheltered from the world beyond, Having his bubble popped, Before he was fully grown. Dropped into this pitiful world, That scarred him, Made him the beast, That dwells within his head. She was the one that made him, Who he was, The one that once gave inspiration, The one who gifted him, With pen in hand. He learned to express himself, Through his art, To hide himself in the shadows, Where he believed he was safe, But it didn't last long... Once he learned to love, His dark beauty disappeared, And to this day, He still searches for her, She's the piece that's missing. He knows that he'll find her someday, And will restore that part, The vital piece that is needed, To break free of this hold, To be normal for once, And never know pain anymore.