Written by: Hazel Connelly

The moon was lost behind a cloud
When something Weird went by
I tried to see what went round
But it flew so fast and high.

I don't believe that witches fly
Riding so high in the sky

But that is what I saw
Riding on broomsticks made of straw.

The stars were gone, the night was dark
When something else took place
Standing there in the park
There was a gruesome face.

A skeleton with corpse like face
I don't believe in the zombie race

But that is what I saw
Well I stood and looked in awe.

Under the moons eerie light
With fangs dripping red
Another creature of the night
With one bite you are bled.

I don't believe in vampires
When your life expires

But that is what I saw
When the moon was low.

All too soon, the mellow moon
Lights an empty late night street
Children dreaming in the bedroom
Of next years trick or treat.

For Russell Sivey's 
The Ultimate Halloween Contest
Hazel Connelly