Written by: monique brandt


My inspiration lies,
Deep within my soul.
When it comes to surface,
Therein I seek my goal.

There’s no control I have,
For when I come to see
What it is I yearn for,
Completely controls me.

Determination sets in,
Burning passion cannot hide.
I cannot put out the flames,
For I let my feelings guide.

I’m told to lose my dreams,
But whose place is it to say,
That I can never make
A name for me someday.

They try to draw it from me,
As they diminish all my hope.
I say I’m unaffected, yet,
My self esteem do they demote.

Very few can understand,
What drives and lies within.
I could try to explain,
But wouldn’t know where to begin.

I do that which I love,
And it loves me in return.
The more I get to taste the sweet,
The more for it I yearn.

When I set my mind upon,
The goal that stands before,
There is no turning of my back,
I spread my wings and soar.