Find Me

Written by: monique brandt

Find Me

Find me where I am
For I am searching far and wide.
Uncover what keeps me enclosed
From where I forever hide.

Seek me out from the shadows
That conceal me far away.
Disembark me of this voyage.
Here I don’t want to stay.

Merely getting a glimpse
I am only passing through.
I don’t know what I really want
Even though it points to you.

Stirred and shaken
My being inside is taken back.
I need to focus on the goal
In order to stay intact.

My foundation is unstable
My bearings yet collide.
What has been established
Sways from side to side.

My heart tells me one thing
Yet I listen to my mind.
I know what I should do
It’s not hard to find.

I am confused
But I know what needs to be done.
I need to return to that place
That I have so far run.

Take me home again
Lead me far from here.
Never may I return
To what I have let near.

Running from what I know
I feel trapped and unreleased.
How will I come to terms
To one day be complete?

What governs me now?
I’ve escaped into the void.
To what do I hold true?
Will I be destroyed?