Written by: monique brandt


Nothing can ever satisfy.
Forever I’ll be in torment.
Never will I know the why.
What was it you meant.

Destroyed I have become.
You see it in my eyes.
Completely left undone.
Given way to my demise.

I try my best to stray.
Nonetheless it lingers still.
I struggle it away.
I fight with all my will.

I feel the urge you want.
I myself want it too.
Ceaselessly it haunts.
Yet there’s nothing I can do.

Both the outside and the in
Feelings are the same.
I can never win
This heart wrecking game.

Repulsive do I feel.
Never good enough throughout.
Losing all my zeal.
Swallowed whole in all this doubt.

Blame can possibly account.
Yet it offers no relief.
Nothing can ever amount.
Only I can hold the belief.

I cannot stand to suffer.
Yet the pain I must still bear.
It may just make me tougher
Each agonizing affair.