Judging Eyes

Written by: monique brandt

Judging Eyes

If I were to please,
To make them content,
I’d give up my dreams,
Completely relent.

They don’t understand
Nor can recognize.
Only what they see,
Is that I defy.

In their judging eyes,
I can’t make it right.
For I don’t give in,
I put up a fight.

Though honest I am,
They will not accept,
The choice that I’ve made,
With faith I have leapt.

Would it have eased,
Their pain had I lied.
To put truth aside
I could have denied.

Unhappy I’d be,
If I did create,
Their ideal life,
To just reinstate.

I’m told what to do,
Opinions they force.
I only object,
Devoid of remorse.

My goals and dreams,
They have not a clue.
Even if they did,
They’d still disapprove.

Criticism does
In my head resound.
I try to ignore,
To not be drawn down.

I leave without blessing,
Translation: disgrace.
My love I pursue,
As my dreams I chase.