Never Forgotten

Written by: monique brandt

Never Forgotten

In silence I do sit
And think amongst a dream
Nothing will be real
For a reverie cannot redeem.

Fiction or non-fiction
I try to narrate
Yet it tends to work against me
My mind cannot relate.

You mean so much to me
Though you I do not know
Without you I contemplate
Why did it happen so.

As time presses on
Thoughts of you become less
Though I wish it weren’t so
To only you I confess.

If I had things my way
Our existence I’d revise
For I do not see the meaning
Which I’m to realize.

Is this not what molds me
To whom I am today
If it is no wonder
So easily I fray.

At times myself I catch
That I do speculate
Yet revert back around
To the reality I hate.

Diffused thoughts unsettle
The truth I’ll never hold
Testimony of others
Is all that does unfold.

The image in my mind
How accurate can it be
Onto nothing do I hold
A memory to retrieve.
That which I love, which I want
No more does it exist
Why do I yearn so many years
To constantly persist.

Suppose it’s not worth 
Even reflecting upon
For nothing can change
The fact that you’re gone.  

I love you and miss you dad.