Pivotal Times

Written by: monique brandt

Pivotal Times

Pivotal times 
Are trying times
Is the worst yet to come?
I feel alone
I want to escape
I need that special one.

Through the doors
I run into
This passage won’t let me through.
I want to lead
Yet tend to follow
I need to be made new.

Colliding thoughts
Lie within
Confusion clouds my brain.
If I should stumble
Suppose I do fall
What will be my gain?

Guidance I need
To overcome
Perplexed in this confounded state.
Where do I go
When will I get there
How long will I have to wait?

I am overcome
Yet I was free to choose.
Now overwhelmed
Unsure where to go
Cause in the end I chose to lose.

I chase destruction
The road to my ruin
It all lies within my demise.
All for nothing
Toiling in distress
If only I wouldn’t have lived for lies.

Lost forever
Misplaced alone
Or simply gone astray?
Courage is searching
Yet fear has found me
I will find myself someday.