Unspoken Grief

Written by: Somnath Roy

A silent tear punctuated
His placid eyes, And
swiftly rolled down his cheek onto the floor, 
A forlorn moon gazed at the black silhouette-
Standing at the window, 
His mind racing in another universe, Of
happiness & freedom, 
A life he'd longed for so badly, 
A life that would end all his miseries.
Below, the roar of the sea intensified his
Dying feelings, Intensified his restlessness
to abandon this material world, 
To reunite with his Lord.
He wouldn't have to be itinerant any more, 
He wouldn't have to beg for mercy any more, 
Many a crime he had perpetrated with ruthless aggression, 
And yet, he had felt sympathy for the victims sometimes.
He wasn't that bad after all.
'But, what does it all matter now? ', he said aloud
'When Black has engrossed me? '
This inevitable end seemed to be the only fitting conclusion
For a life led in an inscrutable manner, A life
difficult for the ordinary to comprehend.
Yes, he had accomplished all his goals, 
And now it was time to lay down his soul
On the Eternal Earth, 
For he had abhorred life! 
The golden days sparkled ahead, 
Free of human emotions, free of earthly entanglements, 
A life less desired by the ordinary, 
But he was no ordinary.
At this thought, a smile spread across his lips, 
Lightened his heart, soothed his nerves, 
He was free, he was alone
He was going Home, 
Yet, there was the tear....