To Fly Away

Written by: monique brandt

To Fly Away

Fly away,
Fly far, far away.
Sail into the sky
On the sun’s splendid rays.

From this Earth
Into oblivion sweet.
I want to rest
From this arduous feat.

Lift me up
On blankets of waves.
Carry me out
Of these suppressing caves.

Capture my soul
With oceanic force.
Calm my heart
Of constant remorse.

Elevate my spirits
Upon clouds of bliss.
Create a tender atmosphere
Like a gentle kiss.

Pull me out of the gutter
Gravitate me towards hope.
Do not let me drown
Help me stay afloat.

The stars are my guide
On the winds I set sail.
Through depths of illusions
I will prevail.

Let the sun set on my weary soul
And rise on a new day.
Let the moon vanish
To dwell in the past far away.