What I Fear

Written by: monique brandt

What I Fear

At times I ponder,
Why you stick around.
A girl with less baggage,
You could have easily found.

All of the hassle,
The stresses I carry.
You notice the effect,
Though I try to act the contrary.

I bring up issues,
I come to regret.
For they’re not your problems,
I got myself into this mess.

When I say I’m sorry,
You always ask why.
I guess it’s because
All I can do is try…

Try to make you see,
Have you understand.
I don’t mean to make things hard,
I just need your helping hand.

I’m sorry for the shit,
You’re sticking through for me.
You have no idea,
What to me you mean.

For how much I write,
I seem to never convey,
The exact emotion, passion,
I try so hard to display.

I miss you all the time,
Now all the more.
I hope the day comes,
I won’t have to miss you anymore.

But honestly…don’t know why,
It is you are still here.
And to tell you the truth,
Your leaving is what I fear.

Time and again,
You say you will stay.
But I have to admit,
I’m afraid of the day.

The day you will say,
That you’ve had enough.
That you wish you could wait,
But it’s becoming too tough.

But please hang on,
For I promise once it’s through,
The struggle will be worth,
The happy ending: me and you.