What Makes You Hate Me So

Written by: monique brandt

What Makes You Hate Me So?

What makes you despise
Every move that I make.
You see not the effects
That continue to break.

You break me inside
Slowly I drown.
Criticisms you speak
Suffocates all around.

All around crumbles down
I stand there alone.
You smother my soul
Though you do not know.

Know that you hurt
My feelings I cry.
Yet you do not care
Can’t understand why.

Why this way you act
To destroy what is built.
Maybe from anger
Or possibly guilt.

Guilty I feel
For letting you down.
Yet you brought it yourself
And I cannot be bound.

Bound by your mistakes
And the problems you create.
They are not my own
Yet still you do hate.

Hate how I live
That I am free.
That you want all
I’ve come to be.