Written by: Somnath Roy

Dreams I have, 
Where I am never wrong; 
Dreams I have, 
In which I remain forever young.

Dreams I have, 
With skies of sun & blue; 
Dreams in which
Every known wish comes true.

Dreams I have, 
In lands of seas & plains, 
Dreams where there are
Only bullock carts & steam-trains.

Dreams I have-
Strolling on winding roads studded with trees, 
Dreams which show
Honest people residing in peaceful cities.

Dreams where colorful birds sing
And what a joy it brings to hear their melodious tones, 
Dreams in which animals subsist
In perfect harmony, nurturing their owns.

Dreams I have, where money is
Not the indispensable craze on Earth
Dreams in which life canters on, 
Love has no dearth.

Dreams in which a million stars 
Sparkle as bubbles of hope, 
Dreams where existence thrives
Without the slightest tinge of grope.

Dreams where I can see, I'm happy
Contended with my own humble ways, 
Dreams in which unknown future glows
In bright, glistening rays.

Dreams where I have the person I love
And she's with me through all
Dreams in brief, dissolve each grief
Only Death will bring my downfall.

Dreams which seem strikingly real
Dreams which arouse expectations, 
Dreams in which I cross frontiers
And migrate to every nation.

Dreams 'they' say, I shouldn't have
For those are hard to believe, 
Dreams get shattered, pulling me down to Earth, 
Proving to be mere fantasies!