A Close Friend

Written by: Ashley Humes

Can I tell you my 
thoughts and you 
promise to keep 
them well. Like 
secrets of your own 
that you'd never tell.

My thoughts on 
love, my thoughts 
on life. As if i were 
a curious child who 
mind runs wild at 

When my battles in 
life get tough and 
I've decided I've 
had enough. To 
close my eyes and 
want to never open 
them again, the 
thought of death 
was once a close 

I've overcome that 
thought, I'm smiling 
again and I've found 
a new friend. I call 
him "Life", and he's 
bigger than my sins.

He protects me, 
walks with me in 
life. He makes sure 
the paths i take are 
only right.

He never deceives 
me, nor does he 
ever leave me. He's 
my shield when 
stones are cast upon 
It is he that breathes 
life into me and 
shows me a new 
day. I've lived, learn, 
and I've loved
I only imagined what 
lies above 

To stop the beatings 
of my heart, or 
decide when it 
starts, is not mine of 
choice. I look to him 
when I feel I've 
been left in the dark.
Oct 6, 2012