Written by: Sumit Majumdar

Life giving, purifying drops from heaven
Buffeted by a gusty wind, cascading droplets of rain
Moistening parched land, nourishing farmland
Replenishing lakes and ponds, absorbed by desert sand
Quenching the fabled chatak’s thirst
A bird, fabled to drink only from nature’s orgasmic burst
Endowing waterfalls with zillions of drops to dispense with
Dazzling in the sun’s rays, ethereal when moonlit
Like an avalanche of diamonds, unleashed
Thundering down with renewed vigour, on the rocks beneath
Sculpting exquisite forms and shapes
Through aeons of time, altering landscapes
Forming eddies and pools and rapids on its journey
Sustaining civilization before uniting with the sea
A tiny rivulet from a subterranean spring
Now fattened and joyously gurgling
In spate and flowing with zest 
In its home, the forest
Rain brings hope of nature’s munificence
And charges Mother Earth with vim and freshness
Nurturing life in this teeming planet
Nourishing every living organism in its wake
The many hued rainbow straddling the day-lit sky
Appears with rain sometimes, caused by a play of light
Lending a divine presence and the birth of a local myth
Of matrimony of foxes with bushy tails and sharp teeth
When fishes cavort and frogs croak in glee
Rain is the reason for such unbridled ecstasy