the guitarist

Written by: andrew delapruch

be her/him a
rhythm or lead player,
the guitarist may have
an ego the size of
the greatest known
planet, especially if they
are the primary song
writer, for from every
chord they play, every
single note,
comes that first spark
of something that may 
never see the light of
day or possibly the next
song which will go 
down in the history of
our human melodies 
here in this 21st century,
that is until the machine
takes over 100% & can
generate all the remaining
music of the world by
itself, blurting out the
need for us humans
altogether---the guitarist
has it easy in the city,
slinging their axe in a
bag over their back or
carrying easy in a Gator
case & bearing an 
acoustic they can pop it
out at any time & pluck away
for the flowing masses
at rush hour for a couple of
pity bucks & then onto the
eve on the stage with the 
bright lights bearing down
upon them the possibility of
greatness which secretly they
all seek when coming to the
concrete jungle.