the drummer

Written by: andrew delapruch

holds the band 
together, listens
to their shit
(plays the peacemaker), 
hauls the most gear all
over the ****ing
place, been taking
her/his rage out on the
skins & cymbals 
since her/his early teens,
would’ve put a 
gun to her/his head 
had mom & dad
not gotten that set
for her/him way back
when, the most 
wanted in the city,
loyal to one band
if s/he’s honest,
whoring her/himself 
out to 9 if s/he’s
not, plays the electrics,
learns the drum
machines, djs
on the computer &
kicks back with
her/his internal
rhythm by tapping
both feet to
infinite beats
while doing
everything from
sitting in class
to working the
production line.