The Dawn Of My Devil -

Written by: Justin Bordner

The Devil spoke to me
with glee about what could be, promising, possibly,
he thumbed a drum of hearts pulsing
so I could see the drug of love
that I was missing,
a tempo true and rude impossible to elude
took my breath to the hue of blue,

reflections of calm joy and coy laughter,
refractions violent and violet floating vibrantly,
demons and angels in the flesh fighting forever for admiration
of a clever and aloof Trinity demanding dues,

he said may your body be dense and follow the sequence
of the spirits with you and never miss your cue,
I was awestruck, rendering enquiry futile 
as prayers in perdition,
the clouds were copious, his face lucent & sizzling,
nefarious and dangerous these galleys and valleys are,
gamble the gambit of your soul's sanctity,

In the cold stillness consumed by a gray melody
an ancient perfume of rose blood
inflated my mind moonstruck,
a woman wise and disguised like a brilliant bandit
with persuasive eyes presented to me keys to her city,
the Daughter of my Devil was indellibly pretty and sitting lonely saying,
believe me through love and find liberty,
try your luck in rivers red
and in deep seas soliciting felicity,
pick a course and secure your rolling rope
to this feather never to pluck,
horse power and a flower dower,
love your Mother always in hallways dark,
then I was born once more -

J.A.B.  2003