Fairytale girl

Written by: Susan Gwynne-Galfe

a baby girl is born, innocent and free
hopes and dreams untarnished 
can be what she dreams to be 
doctor or a teacher? a mommy? yes I see!

a princess in a castle, what a site that'll be
taken on a horse, the handsome Prince and she
riding in the sunset to the magic land. 
can you see the picture, as he holds your little hand

young, naive and dreaming, never known deceit
hang on to the fairytale, while your worlds complete
your Daddy's little princess, his special little girl
strong and bold before you he protects you from the world

so keep on hoping little girl, that your dreams come true 
pixie dust and fairies, little princess just for you
innocence and sweetness, pureness all still there
blue eyes and beauty, with wavy long blond hair

promise that you never, never will forget
how warm and safe you feel, and never to regret
blankets wrapped around you, way up above your head
hopes and dreams are dancing, around your princess bed

little girl keep dreaming, all won't be so grand
along the way you loose, your handsome Prince's hand
fairy tales and castles, white horses far away
the magic land you dreamed of, was not supposed to stay

crumbled right before you, like wet and ice cold sands
between your little fingers, with shaking trembling hands
tears are flowing down, upon your precious face
you try working through it, in a lonely scary place

your self esteem is shattered, feeling like a fool
you never thought he'd turn his back, it ending cold and cruel  
I thought I knew him very well, this handsome prince of mine
ended up a fairy tale, sad and so unkind

so sorry little girl, our hearts now in despair
all alone and cold, and no one left who cares 
our souls are taken hostage somewhere far away
please dear god don't leave us, cant take another day

both together praying, please come and take our hand
so together we can go, to the promised land
we then walk hand in hand, along the white warm sand
now we're standing strong and tall, on our own two feet
steering down straight to hell, that ugly thing called deceit!