Written by: Allison Ballard

My muddled heavy head
Is a sticky royal red
pulsing deeper than the
windshield shards that open 
troughs in tingling legs
Things are dark
screams like thunder rumbles
and the pavement's baking,
gritty scratch
stands by my quiet struggle
The runny iron on my tongue
erupting from my breaking lungs
is a door to me, and my 
road-skinned knees
to ease up this fight
and cease to breathe
Where did I go wrong?
Why is this time's tale?
When did I lose my mind away
and accept to fall and fail?
When did my voice break off
so protesting words would die
When did I avert my eyes,
and let vandals slip inside?
When did I arrive, to a fainting spell
a dismal hell, an empty shell,
a remnant of my former self?
Why has it come to this?
What a tragedy, I have lost my worth
for a raven's dirty feathered girth
The stones have pulled me here
by my ravaged head of hair
to be another spectacle- an accident
my stupid mistakes
 spilling from 
the glassy reck, bare