The Yellow Butterfly

Written by: Rachel Peysakhova

~*~* The Yellow Butterfly ~*~*

I Grab hold of the intoxicating heat, churn my heart and let it fall to my stomach, breathing in the clouded air.
The water roams around me in swift holds, and I look away.
Away from the world and guess what I see?
A creature of Mars, A yellow star in the sky.
Wings so light they fly like the oceans waves, and so bright they'll blind you with their happiness.
Walk away and there it is. Again. And Again. Again. Always.
Roaming in the air and tip-toeing into the light of the sky, there it goes, burning into a yellow butterfly.

Meaning: I recently went to south Carolina, and everywhere I went, the  same yellow butterfly was flying. I knew it was the same. Same length. Same wings. Same size. Same feeling.