The Wind is Isolde - Part 1

Written by: Terry O'Leary

The warden’s bewildered, the watchman’s amazed
as the gate slowly opens a hole in the haze.
The steps seem uncertain, the cobblestones crazed
watching stars burn above us like pinwheels ablaze.
Though lanterns hang vacant in streets starring blind,
broken paths kindle riddles –
                                        recalling the Sphinx ... I’ll not leave you behind

The lepers laugh, leaping from tombstones of steel 
chasing rollaway caskets on luminous wheels.
Their shadows shake, frozen, in echoes confined,
twisted time melts at midnight – 
                                        take hold of my hand... I’ll not leave you behind

The ponies of plunder roam, riding on high
watching pilgrims on stallions cast stones from the sky
at the statues they’re stalking which pay them no mind.
But our broncos are bolting – 
                                        just cling to my cape... I’ll not leave you behind	

The bandits are brazen, the leprechaun’s lurk
while imbibing dark brews of a hag’s handiwork.
They’re gulping from goblets that goblins designed,
sipping wisps of the wind –
                                        Woman! Throw your wings wide... I’ll not leave you behind	

The orphans and widows lean, bent in the breeze
while a horrified hangman nods, passing decrees.
The engines of mercy have come to a grind
for they’re facing the Furies – 
                                        just fade neath the night... I’ll not leave you behind

The tattered toy teddies and raggedy Anns
have escaped to the highways of kid caravans.
They’re shepherding shadows, know not what they’ll find.
Their parade’s fast departing – 
                                        adrift in your dreams... I’ll not leave you behind	

 Continued in Part 2