Emotional Meltdown

Written by: Linda-Marie SweetHeart

"Emotional Meltdown" Slumber ... refuses to invade my warm bed as I listen to promises swirling in my head to an emotional meltdown ... in the mirror, there stands a clown ... Dreamland ... eluding my starry eyes as I wander in sad masquerade disguise to an emotional meltdown ... as I destroy white wedding gown ... Forever ... you offered forever, and I believed you with fire in my heart, Eternal ... you whispered eternal, yet your jaded love quickly tore us apart. Betrayal ... is an ugly and unkind state of mind sharp as a dagger thrust plunged from behind Sleepwalking shall never end and illusions pretend midnight amends my emotional meltdown ... *For Craig Cornish's Sleepwalk Contest. *Lyrics written to Sleepwalk melody. *Oct. 5, 2012.