An Ode To A Lady

Written by: Somnath Roy

Beautiful, you are, from whichever way my eyes see
Swift is your style, with something I can never compete
Reserved, you are, don't let yourself sway by ineffectual things
Special in your own humble way, an angel without wings
Tender, you are, with an elusive, passionate touch
Your love's like the breeze, yet you don't pamper much
Sexy, you are, for the radiant beauty that lies inside
Lucky, I am, to have you as my beloved bride
Caring, you always do, like a silent whisper never heard
Independent you want to be, like a little carefree bird
Ruthless, you sometimes are, still there lies a cause
Strong, you want me to be, by eliminating all flaws
Honest, baby, you are, doesn't matter what the context might be
Never backing down even in the face of immense adversities
Silent, you are, a shy, reticent girl needing a gentle kiss
Unaware of the joy you bring to me, so a little 'thank you miss'
Do you at times wonder if my words are true? 
Yes, my dear, I don't need a reason to say 'I love you'.