Written by: lynn Hanna Barany

I loved you,
But yet I saw your pain,
Life had never taught you
To be arrogant, or vain.

You lived within your boundaries
Of your little town,
You never had the chance 
To take a look around.

Some so called friends made fun of you
I saw it with my eyes,
Some folks were afraid of you
Though I never understood just why.

I know that you had feelings
I one time saw you cry,
A bird was dead upon the lawn
You asked if I knew why.

Some say you weren't quite normal
But was that really so,
What did they mean by normal...
I'd really like to know.

I am sure of one thing
It's a special love you had,
You could always cheer me up
Whenever I was sad.

I think of you quite often
In my daily chores
My very special Uncle
I remain Sincerely Yours.

Lynn (Hanna) Barany