MEMOIRS rewrite for contest

Written by: Victoria Anderson-Throop

I have been a flower                                    See me in the fresh picked rose
picked and held until it died                               dying in your hand
i have been a moon beam                            See me in the moonlight
shining in the night.                                          Reflected on the sea
See how I shine...                                              Shining silver shine

I have been the grains of sand                         Feel me in the sand
falling through the hands of time		          Falling counting time	
I have been the dancer			            Sensuous dancing grains
caught up in the rhythm and rhyme.		Through the glass of hours
See how I shine...			                 Gritty smooth divine.

I have been an Earth bound soul		Flutter of the butterfly
with guidance from within		            is me against the breeze
i have been a butterfly			             Souls who cannot leave the earth
gaining ground against the wind.		         wrap around my heart
See how I shine...			                 All are me …and none…

I have stood and I have wept		             I am grief and I am tears
at grave sites of the lost			           at every grave you dig
I've been mild and I've been meek		          In passion’s throes 
never imagining the cost.		                     My arms are wide, 
See how I shine...			              I keep no scores—you win	

I have been a poetess			                Find me in a poem
built grand and glorious dreams		         Meet me in a dream
I have been against all odds		                 Taking chances
and other chancy things.		                      Thrills my soul
See how I shine...			                     Shining from within 

I am here and I am there		           Find me here, See me there	
I am become as air			               Inhale me with your heart
look around and you may see		                         Search the world 
traces of me everywhere.		                     A trace of me will follow you
See how I shine...			                          Shining every step