soul and thoughts

Written by: swaggmeister dru

I swear , i saw my heart bleeding,
something like tick tock,tick tock
**** this, time she aint waiting for me,
I reminisce, more like jesus christ's
my love for her, juliet and romeo;
the real cameo, bony and clyde
too fast too furious,living life on the fast lane
men. this is a dream that will never ever end

but, here we are
the sun is up again
and am so lost in this game,
am like; can i sell my soul to the devil
she will love me with alil bit more chains and money
ooooh i keep thinking.

but i wont mind then,
fake friends will keep calling
real whores and real balling
real chains but we keep changing
diamonds are forever
but she is gone forever
if she ever loved me for me

but it is real funny huh, money.
how it wets that *****
goose chases become real.
these dreams,two bad *****es beside me
in the morning,two aks by the draw
real blood if you **** up,
whitesand by the doorstep,
am in private, staring at the sunset

but last night, i knelt and prayed
real life is real hard,too baaad, huh
because when i love, i love alot
the heart breaks, they come alot
will i ever give up on loving you?
i dont know? the heart speaks and the mind thinks

am a lil lost boy in the woods,
crapped up by the gangs in the hoods,
carried by adventurers in the boots
but hell yeah, right here, i find myself in you, huh,
you make my dreams come true, you do, boo, 
just the two of us, craazy little birds,
lets fly away in the clouds of love
fear not because i shall hurt not

but , a true dream right here, huh,
endless nights with long calls, 
i aint talking loos huh.
a real love story
real honor and glory
sorry to world , am gone *****es
my fingers in a ring
dont dial and ring
cause am gone,really?
am gone.