Diamond Drummond

Written by: Owen Yeates

It was in the days of the galleon
We were sent to catch a rapscallion
The legendary pirate with name to dread
Diamond Drummond, the captain who led

A fearless crew who plundered not gold
But jewels worth a fortune untold
We set sail across the oceans blue
With cannon and a masterful crew

We sailed for twenty days and more 
Till we saw the diamond eye moored near the shore
The skull and crossbones flew high on the mast
We knew our search was over at last

In the silence of night we managed to heave to
With cutlasses ready to fight all the crew
A battle ensued that is hard to forget
The blood and the bodies piled high no regret

Suddenly Diamond Drummond was there
In front of me laughing without a care
Jewels in his belt in his scabbard and hat
One in his belly button  large and fat

A thrust of my cutlass cut him down to the ground
At his death the noise stopped except for the pound
Of my heart in my ears as the pulse it still raced
In a kind of dream all around me paced

The crew of the diamond eye dropped their weapons on the floor
Without their captain they could fight no more
They were rounded up and put in the brig
All the jewels were rescued from small to big

Diamond Drummond was laying out on his own 
Beneath his eye patch a diamond as big as a stone
We would take that with us a proof of his demise
Perhaps to be mounted as our victory prize

On leaving the diamond eye in the bay
We sank it and at the bottom of the sea now she lays 
Travelling home with our booty in the hold
Once home this victorious story was told

It will go down in history for all to see
How great was the captain, crew and me
To show that piracy just does not pay
That justice will catch up with you one day