Stolen Love

Written by: Colleen Bono

You have tugged at my heart and yanked on my soul,
the hatred grows because of my life you stole.

I trust no more for this you've done,
I have lost all love so now I run.

From open arms I have never seen,
thoughts of hope I can only dream.

There is no hope for us inside,
now I count on my faith to be my guide.

I am detached my future unknown,for I have
given all my strength,
now I have reached past life's length.

Now I walk alone never to be followed,
with no trust, my heart is hollowed.

The love I had is no more,
unsure what my future has in store.

My hopes and dreams you took from me,
now my future is hard to see.

I give up you finally won,
the damage you did, can't be undone.

                                                                      Colleen Marie Bono
                                                                       August 26,2012