Power Breakfast

Written by: ilene bauer

Bigwigs like to breakfast
With compadres of their ilk.
They like imbibing power
With their coffee, tea or milk.

The usual location
Where they meet and break their bread
Plans to close for renovations,
So what will they do instead?

A restaurant’s been chosen
As replacement for a while;
Because it’s on Park Avenue,
It has the proper style.

A certain politician, though,
When asked about it, boasted,
“I’ll try it, but they’d better know
I like my whole-wheat toasted.”

With all the problems in the world
Just falling at their feet,
How strange to think the big shots
Care so much ‘bout where they eat.

Perhaps our negativity
Towards them would be more minor
If they would meet for breakfast
At the low-cost local diner!