For Him

Written by: NANCY CHAWLA

He had asked for a small help,
In no time i took the step,
This is how it began!

We started meeting and talking,
Along with hours of endless walking,

We established a peculiar bond,
And I got addicted & became his fond,

We kept on sharing silly things,
Which eventually proceeded us into flourishing beings,

We were unknown for,
What it would turn into months later,

But without a single thought,
We carried on our gossips & chit chats even greater,

The moment came when we were to set apart,
This produced an uneasy strain in our heart,

We badly felt the need of each other,
And to execute our relation i told my brother,

The stage of auspicious ceremony came,
We were entering into life's another game,

I was terribly sensitive, 
But he was extremely aggressive,

But with the passing days,
My love for him is on a raise,

His habit of losing temper still persists,
But i am desperately for it to get extinct,

He dislikes spending lavish,
But very soon, this tendency will relinquish,

I can't think of my life without him even for a while,
His name always leaves my face with a sweet smile,

He is the one i cherish and admire,
Without him Almighty, I do not wanna breath rather expire,